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Tired of renting?

Updated: May 14, 2019

So you’re a first home buyer…. You think you should start adulting and start paying off your own home instead of someone else’s… But your're nervous… The terminology of the real estate game gives you an instant headache and you don’t know where to start…. Let me tell you… Almost every First Home Buyer I come across feels the EXACT same way! Even me! I remember the feeling I had when I bought my first home, almost the opposite of what you should be feeling.... Luckily I worked in the industry and had a slight understanding of the ins and outs. I remember thinking 'geez this would be stressful for someone that doesn’t know what they are doing'… that’s why, 13 years later I started The Home Buying Helpers…. We are a team of professionals ready to take the stress out of your home buying journey and best yet… ITS FREE! 

The first of its kind in Townsville, We will help you through the preapproval finance process, help you choose a homesite and home design to suit your needs and budget. We work alongside some of the best in the industry to make your home buying journey as smooth as possible. Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life. It should be exciting, you should be able to enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

Did you know? we help clients in some cases 12 months before they are ready to buy. We set you on the right path so you have an end goal to accomplish.  I'll be honest, saving for a home deposit is daunting, but you’ll be surprised how addictive it can get specially after you save that first $1,000 – so get saving!

Lets go for a coffee and discuss your plan of attack to get you out of your rental and into you Brand New Home!

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